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Blockchain Size: Everything You Need To Know

Blockchain Size: Everything You Need To Know

Curious about blockchain size? We will cover everything related to blockchain size, the limits, and whether it can create issues in the future.

Blockchain is known to revolutionize the world around us. After all, it changes how we define the process, store data, and explore the security of a network that the application runs on. It brings immutability, transparency, and unparalleled security that no other technology has been able to do so until now.

But there is one big problem — blockchain block size. To understanding the problem, let’s first learn how the blockchain works.

In any blockchain network, there is no centralized authority. Peers participate in bringing decentralization to the network. Each peer has a copy of the ledger (where all transactions are stored). This means that if any new transaction takes place, the ledger on each node will be updated accordingly. The unique solution lets businesses to create decentralized networks capable of solving problems not possible before.

Bitcoin is the biggest name in cryptocurrency in terms of both price index and market capitalization. Given the growing public investment into crypto, Bitcoin and other established currencies, such as Ethereum and Ripple, are facing increased competition from new, well-funded cryptocurrencies, which raised 52 million U.S. dollars in total in initial coin offering (ICO) in November 2019.

CharacteristicBlockchain size in gigabytes
Oct 10, 2021360.02
Oct 09, 2021359.83
Oct 08, 2021359.66
Oct 07, 2021359.47
Oct 06, 2021359.31
Oct 05, 2021359.11
Oct 04, 2021358.93
Oct 03, 2021358.8
Oct 02, 2021358.63
Oct 01, 2021358.46
Sep 2021358.25
Aug 2021353.46
Jul 2021348.73
Jun 2021344.23
May 2021339.71
Apr 2021333.87
Mar 2021328.57
Feb 2021322.8
Jan 2021317.38
Dec 2020311.43
Nov 2020305.82
Oct 2020300.32
Sep 2020294.8
Aug 2020289.34
Jul 2020283.87
Jun 2020278.56
May 2020273.47
Apr 2020267.91
Mar 2020263.23
Feb 2020258.8
Jan 2020254.18
Dec 2019249.85
Nov 2019245.61
Oct 2019241.14
Sep 2019236.36
Aug 2019231.73
Jul 2019227.11
Jun 2019222.29
May 2019216.98
Apr 2019211.03
Mar 2019205.96
Feb 2019201.6
Jan 2019197.53
Dec 2018193.06
Nov 2018189
Oct 2018184.89
Sep 2018181.04
Aug 2018177.5
Jul 2018173.62
Jun 2018169.84
May 2018166.26
Apr 2018163.01
Mar 2018159.76
Feb 2018155.65
Jan 2018151.52
Dec 2017146.43
Nov 2017140.9
Oct 2017136.51
Sep 2017132.21
Aug 2017128.3
Jul 2017124.41
Jun 2017119.92
May 2017115.61
Apr 2017111.17
Mar 2017107.04
Feb 2017102.86
Jan 201798.65
Dec 201694.66
Nov 201690.78
Oct 201686.98
Sep 201683.08
Aug 201679.75
Jul 201676.35
Jun 201673.1
May 201669.53
Apr 201665.82
Mar 201662.59
Feb 201659.51
Jan 201656.16
Dec 201553.16
Nov 201550.13
Oct 201547.59
Sep 201545.02
Aug 201542.64
Jul 201540.53
Jun 201538
May 201536.08
Apr 201534.25
Mar 201532.57
Feb 201530.9
Jan 201529.43
Dec 201427.76
Nov 201426.27
Oct 201424.85
Sep 201423.55
Aug 201422.34
Jul 201421.05
Jun 201419.98
May 201418.92
Apr 201417.83
Mar 201416.75
Feb 201415.51
Jan 201414.56
Dec 201313.69
Nov 201312.63
Oct 201311.71
Sep 201310.97
Aug 201310.25
Jul 20139.51
Jun 20138.94
May 20138.27
Apr 20137.47
Mar 20136.64
Feb 20135.86
Jan 20135.11
Dec 20124.52
Nov 20124.03
Oct 20123.6
Sep 20123.14
Aug 20122.73
Jul 20122.29
Jun 20121.93
May 20121.5
Apr 20121.21
Mar 20121.11
Feb 20121.02
Jan 20120.93
Dec 20110.84
Nov 20110.76
Oct 20110.69
Sep 20110.62
Aug 20110.53
Jul 20110.43
Jun 20110.32
May 20110.19
Apr 20110.13
Mar 20110.11
Feb 20110.08
Jan 20110.07
Dec 20100.06
Nov 20100.05
Oct 20100.04
Sep 20100.03
Aug 20100.03
Jul 20100.02
Jun 20100.02
May 20100.02
Apr 20100.01
Mar 20100.01
Feb 20100.01
Jan 20100.01
Dec 20090.01
Nov 20090.01
Oct 20090.01
Sep 20090.01
Aug 2009
Jul 2009
Jun 2009
May 2009
Apr 2009
Mar 2009
Feb 2009
Jan 2009

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January 2009 to October 11, 2021

The numbers provided were originally reported in megabytes and have been converted to gigabytes. 1GB equals 1,024MB. Numbers were then rounded.

Financial Instruments & Investments

Bitcoin (BTC) price history up until October 26, 2021

Financial Instruments & Investments

Daily Bitcoin (BTC) market cap history up until October 24, 2021

Financial Instruments & Investments

Unique cryptocurrency wallets created on Blockchain.com as of October 10, 2021

Financial Instruments & Investments

Price comparison of 100 cryptocurrencies as of October 26, 2021

3. Economics and supply distribution

Litecoin utilizes the Nakamoto consensus, and nodes validate blocks via Proof-of-Work mining.

Litecoin was not pre-mined, and has a maximum supply of 84 million, exactly 4 times that of Bitcoin. The initial reward for a block is 50 litecoins, and halves every 840,000 blocks. Since the target time for block production on the Litecoin blockchain is 2.5 minutes, it implies that Litecoin block reward halving will take place every 4 years.

How The Bitcoin Blockchain Stacks Up Against Other Types Of Tech

At only 350GB of data, the blockchain’s size is highly efficient for the amount of value transacted across it. Let’s be real – even an Apple iPhone that fits in your pocket packs around 256GB worth of data into the device. And unless you are quite the baller, you aren’t moving as much value through it as Bitcoin does through its network on the regular.

Even you’re most basic PC should come equipped with 512 gigs at minimum, but more advanced computers and laptops moving into the the terabyte territory.

A Sony PlayStation 5, offers 825GB, with up to 667.2GB of it available to users of the hottest console on the market today. At that size, almost two full Bitcoin blockchains could fit.

Your standard MicroSD flash memory card can reach up to 1TB worth of storage, and measures only 11mm by 15mm. Yet it could pack at least three full blockchain networks with a trillion dollar market cap.

With such a tiny footprint, running Bitcoin doesn’t take up much data and helps to ensure the longevity of the network.

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